Thursday 25th November

Yours truly with the lovely Dawn. Picture courtesy of Jamie ( Goode

Up to Roberson Wine Merchant to tutor their Pomerol tasting, including gems such as Lafleur 1995 and Petrus 1952. I enjoy speaking to an audience, although the butterflies tend to flutter until I find my groove. My task is not helped by the history of Pomerol being so bloody convuluted, my head so cluttered with information that it is sometimes difficult to explain everything in a logical order. So many historical strands overlap, so much is conflated. It’s good to see fellow scribes Jamie Goode and Chris Kissack and a lot of regular faces. Most of the wines perform exactly how I expect and I don’t have to face a room of glum faces and tears thanks to a corked Petrus (though one pesky bottle is out of condition.) I have to scoot after the tasting to catch my train home. Job done.

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