Friday 1st October

Even though my mindset has been programmed to “house move” I have somehow managed to write several article for eRP. Today, I have to get back to earning money and so I am heading into London for a blind tasting of Left Bank 2003 at Farr Vintners. It does not begin well. I have a contretemps with a moany old bus driver who he starts tutting that I have too much loose change. I remind him of who has been standing in the pouring rain for the last 15 minutes and they I don’t particularly care for his manners. I’ve too much of our public servants giving attitude without any payback. I just want to pay my fare and he will have to wait.

The tasting itself is highly informative, though hard work tasting so intensively and blind of course (report will be published on eRP.) James Suckling is two laptops down from me, HRH Jancis to my right along with Phillip Schofield, though Gordon the Gopher could not attend due to ill health. When I return, the Japanese authorities have imposed a “No Shoe Zone” at the doorstep, which means that Tomoko has tackled the floors with a mop. We cook our first meal of pasta on our AGA (not those huge monstrosities, but one that is usable) and go to bed early because every muscle in my body aches.


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