Monday 6th September

I work in the morning, I drive Lily to her new Infant’s school. She takes to it like a duck to water, no fear and no trepidation, even if she does blank the headmistress when she bids hello in the school playground.

Charles Smith. Big hair.

I then head into town for a lunch and tasting with the shy, retiring Charles Smith of K-Vintners. His Sideshow Bill haircut takes up half the restaurant, but he’s a cool dude and the fizzing conversation alternates between wine and music and wine and music (he was manager for several famous artists before being bitten by the wine bug.) After the lunch, he wants to experience a London pub, so offer to escort him to the Coach & Horses and get a round in, just in case he orders some of that Australian muck. I introduce him to the delights of Timothy Taylor and he seems to be up for a session, though I have to get home pretend to be a dad and in any case, he has to attend another event. To be honest, I think he would prefer to sink pints all night rather than enlighten about Walla Walla and its wines.

One my more interesting interviews, though not all printable.

When I return, I ask Lily to debrief me about her first day at her new school. She is already claiming that it is vastly superior to her erstwhile educational establishment. There is something moving and sad about the fact that she has already forgotten her old friends, already faint memories from July. But she is only five and she’ll continue to flit from one best friend to the other, just like some people do when the are forty-five.

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