Tuesday 18th May

Hoorah! The London Wine Trade Fair in the Excel exhibition centre, somewhere in the nether reaches of East London. As usual I start by aimlessly wandering around, trying to fathom out how to tackle the plethora of wine regions and producers, even if year by year, they cater for the low-end, high-volume brands hoovered up by supermarkets. Long gone are the days when Guigal’s “La-La’s” were discretely hidden under the counter and all you had to do was give a secret sign and a wink and a La Mouline would magically appear. Anyway, I have some useful meetings and taste some lovely Turkish wines. When I tweet my appreciation for a Kavaklidere’s sublime Cotes d’Avanos Narince/Chardonnay 2009, I do not realize that the winemaker is one of my Twitter followers and immediately comes up to thank me for my bon mots. Good job I didn’t say it was shit.

Afterwards it’s no rest for the wicked and it’s straight down to the IoD for a Marquis d’Angerville vertical of Clos des Ducs courtesy of the Fine Wine Experience. To be honest, the wines are a little underwhelming, even a super-rare 1978 that had been purchased in perfect condition, but that illustrates the unpredictability of Burgundy for you. Afterwards, a quick KFC and home. For the record, this is only my second KFC this year.

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