Sunday 7th March

It is Daisy’s official third birthday and the Princess D. expects a mountain of presents at the foot of her bed upon awakening. She duly receives an easel and pens to enhance her budding artist career, although she keeps painting rather bizarre blue and pink splodges at nursery and claiming them to be mummy and daddy.

Still, frame it, and you could probably flog it as a Tracy Emin.

Daisy also receives a lovely silver bracelet, a Cinderella jig-saw from my brother and some building blocks since we are finding it impossible to buy a house and may ask our daughters to construct one out of Lego. In the afternoon, we take Princesses Lily and Daisy to Lucy’s 5th birthday party round the corner (an unofficial joint-party since it is Daisy’s big day as well.) There is far too much pink silk and taffeta, plus I am not royalty, so I nip back home to do some work and make the most of the tranquility. The only thing I have learnt today is that children’s car seats are not designed for full length reversible Snow White/Sleeping Beauty dresses.

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