Travelling Round The World – January 23rd-25th

One thing I can never accuse myself of, is not working hard enough. Having just blind tasted 200 Clarets whilst simultaneously writing the tasting notes, notwithstanding writing up 750+ Burgundy 2008 notes,  I am heading off to New Zealand for the 2010 Pinot Noir Conference, where I am joining a panel of speakers including the likes of Oz Clarke, Andrew Jefford and James Halliday. I bid farewell to Lily and Daisy, who I am missing before I have even closed the front door. It is at times likes these I wish they were not so cute, in their Hello Kitty sweaters, waving farewell at the front door.  

The 12,000 miles trip via Los Angeles passes smoothly. I meet fellow scribe Jamie Goode at Heathrow and then almost miss my flight. We spot golf commentator Peter Alliss, which scores two celebrity points. But then Victoria Beckham plonks her angular arse a couple of seats down and she scores and respectable seven celebrity points. She has a rather scowly face, undeniably attractive, but slightly scary (and I thought she was supposd to be “Posh”?)

I keep myself awake on the first leg to LAX, watching two films: District 9, which is absolutely brilliant, and “Little Miss Sunshine” that I missed on release, but is almost as brilliant. I am standing behind Posh whilst we wait to disboard the flight. I want to ask here where her dress is from, but I fear that she might turn me to stone if I look into her eyes.

At LAX there is a two hour stopover and then on the second leg, having finished gossiping and appraising other wine scribes with Jamie (which takes several hours), I fall asleep and thankfully, the 12-hour flight across the Pacific passes relatively quickly.

For the record, no members of the Spice Girls were on our flight. I feel slightly disappointing by that.

New Zealand, here we come…

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  1. Neal, have a great time in NZ, there are lots of things to see on South Island. I look forward to your personal blog notes about NZ juice.

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